K.C. Begeman, and Michael Prudhomme have been practicing physical therapy in the downriver community for the past 20 years.  K.C. and Michael both hold doctorate degrees in physical therapy along with residency and fellowship education and orthopedic manual physical therapy.

K.C. and Michael have been close friends for several years and always aspired to own and operate their own independent physical therapy practice. They had both worked in corporate and hospital environments which focus more on budgets, margins and statistics rather than patient first care.  These facilities utilized antiquated and limited equipment which caused frustration for the practitioner to deliver efficient care.  In 2014 their dreams became a reality when they opened HealthCore Physical Therapy in Riverview, Michigan.  K.C. and Michael both worked nights and weekends for several months to build out their suite at 13638 Sibley Rd.  In the end they had designed and built a spacious rehab facility over 5000 square feet with quality equipment, high ceilings and an open friendly environment.

K.C. and Michael's advanced education in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) allows them to provide patients with advanced evaluation and clinical reasoning to more specifically diagnose and design their treatment plan to most effectively treat and improve their specific condition.  Both are very skilled at identifying both primary and secondary impairments which contribute to the patient's symptoms.  Both are experts at prescribing specific therapeutic medical exercise as well as utilizing hands-on techniques to improve range of motion, strength and function while alleviating symptoms.  Their advanced approach offers patients a better quality of care and in the end better results than traditional physical therapy treatments.

K.C. and Michael both have rooted history in sports and fitness.  K.C. played competitive hockey from a young age through high school winning multiple state championships.  K.C. now is involved in coaching youth hockey leagues and has given individual coaching for hockey goalies through the years.  Michael was a competitive power lifter through his 20s and early 30s and continues to train with a more conservative weightlifting program.  K.C. and Michael annually support several local community sports teams and charities.

K.C. and Michael pride themselves on delivering personal excellent care to each and every patient in a welcoming friendly environment.